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About Harbinger
From our humble beginnings in 1987 as an importer and distributor of conventional radio equipment, Harbinger has today grown to become one of the leading local system integrator for voice and data communication networks in Taiwan.


We understand the critical nature of where our products and solutions are to be deployed, therefore requiring us not only to provide reliable products, but also deliver them in a timely manner, and to be backed up by a strong after-sales support. This simple philosophy has earned us the respect of our customers, which include: police, firefighters, all branches of the defense organization, and other organizations dealing with critical public safety concerns.
HARVEST / HARBINGER GROUP (earlier and better known as HARVEST General Trading Corp) was established as early as 1987 at a time when Taiwan was experiencing a boom as a manufacturing powerhouse for electronic products and components. As the name implies, HARBINGER started out as a general trading outfit. Its early successes, however, quickly enabled the company to venture into research and development, product development, and manufacturing.
HARBINGER's initial foray into research and development was in the field of RF technology, an area the company still specializes to this day and considers as one of its key competencies. The company further leveraged this strength in wireless technology to gain further technical experience in the IT industry, paving the way for successful inroads into the digital age.
HARBINGER products can be found in the most demanding vertical markets as well as among the most discerning mass markets. (See Company Milestones)  The company has gained a reputation from customers in providing high quality products and efficient service. 
In Taiwan, the company owns and uses the DENPA brand; it was the market leader for professional-use Digital Voice Recorders at a time when the type of product was common-use.  The DENPA brand continues to be used for OEM branding.   Although nowadays about 85% of the company’s turnover is coming from the government sector, the local distribution channel is still actively maintained with specialized electronic products.
HARVEST/HARBINGER GROUP operates from a very solid financial base and still continues to put significant investments in R&D to develop a diverse range of innovative products for both local and overseas markets.  The company regularly works with the Government in Taiwan on key technology projects. 
Company Milestones
Company founded.  Started as a trading company.
Started product development and manufacturing.
Produced its initial product line: Personal Pagers.
Started using “Harvest” and “Denpa” as brand names
Developed its series of Long-range and Middle-range Cordless Phone, and very soon to become market leader in the US, Europe, Russia, the Americas, and Middle East
Produced Taiwan’s first professional-use Digital Voice Recorder.  Apart from basic models, there were also models in stereo quality with wireless microphone effective to a distance of 30 meters- It was a world’s first and only, and probably still is.
Developed JAMMER for Cellular phones.
Developed DVD Decoders.
Became the first and only producer in Taiwan tactical handheld radios (Mil-Std 810 & Mil-Std 461C) in the military frequency band 30-88MHz.
Developed the HT78D, a dual mode version (analog and digital) of the handheld tactical radios to complement the 2004 Analog version.
Up to this time, the company has supplied over 10,000 units of the tactical radios to the different services of the Taiwan defense establishment.
Developed the Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS) is a self-contained inertial surveying system developed specifically to meet today‘s demanding surveying needs.  Meeting U.S. military requirements for survey operations functionality, navigational accuracy, transportability, survivability, and affordability are system design criteria.
Awarded a US$10M contract for the supply and integration of APCO 25 trunked radio system for the Taiwan Navy.
Produced an indigenous Digital Vehicle Intercom System for Armored Vehicles for the Taiwan army.  The system is to be used for different type of new army vehicles, as well as for upgrading old analog intercoms in existing vehicles, totaling 1600+ systems.
Awarded a US$15M contract for the construction of 278 Disaster Warning System for the National Fire Agency in Taiwan.  (Joint project with Alcatel, with Harbinger supplying 70% of contract value)
Awarded a US$14M contract for the renovation of 1280 Remote Alarm System for the Civil Defense Command Center in Taiwan.  (Joint project with Alcatel, with Harbinger supplying 70% of contract value)
Awarded a US$21M contract for the Replacement of Island-wide Radio Communication System for the Taiwan Coastguard involving  25 Repeater Sites, 322 Fixed Stations, 142 Sea Vessels, 280 Land Vehicles, 2843 Handhelds, and 70 Dispatch Sites. 




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